this was FUNNER than hanging christmas lights!

See you in a few hours, he left San Juan at 6:00 am, 3 hour layover in Atlanta, and arrives at 5:17 pm this evening. We can hardly stand the wait, but I think everyone allready knows that!


Last letter.... July 21st, 2009

Well so yeah its time to come home "THANK YOU" so much for your last email! I had my exit interview yesterday it was a little bit strange but lots of good advice. I am grateful for President and the love that he has for me and the work, I have literally made a friend for life. I am pretty scared but you have to take off the bandaid someday right? I am so grateful for the gospel in my life and for this life changing experience and the opportunity that I have had to serve among these people, they are some of the greatest people in the world. I am so grateful for everything I have learned and experienced. I am so glad to say that I did serve a mission and stuck it out, its something that no one in our family has done! I am going to continue forward on that until I have accomplished the dreams that I have. I have been contemplating things that I might do when I get home, well that has been a rough one for me to say the least but I am confident now of the plans and goals that I have. I am thinking that I want to go to school to be some kind of surgical tech or something in the operating room, it is only about a year of school, we can do some research when I get home. I want to do that plus get started at MCC, that would mean lots of school but I have no doubt that I can do it. I am really thinking that its the smartest move, and then I will continue on at MCC and then onto a university and then on to medical school to be some kind of doctor. With the economy right now I would like to do some kind of surgical tech because that would give me a stable job and also experience when I apply for medical school, I think that that would help me progress the most, I have had a strong feeling that its what I need to do, and I feel really good about it! Well I love you and equally can't wait to see you guys! I hope that you have a great couple of days and well just think only a few more hours. Love you so much, Thanks for being my Mom and Dad!
Love always! Logan

July 15th, 2009

Well, THANK YOU so much for all of the support I really enjoyed what you posted on the MM site that was way coool. I love you guys so much, well yes I will email next Tuesday which is completely weird. Basically nothing seems real at this point and I am not ready to come home, I thought I was but to tell the truth I am not, its all good though the life of a missionary is so simple and well yeah its weird, but I am going to miss it so much! Things are going really well we had a really cool experience the other day, Elder Free and I were just kinda wondering where we needed to go, and well so we decided to go to old San Juan, that is not one of our normal places but we went anyway, so we decided to go visit Del Sol, because there are some members that work there, and we went and there was a really cool guy there that works there and he wanted to start taking the discussions so we are going to teach him tomorrow, so how neat is that? So that is way rad. He is super excited! Oh,yeah I bought the suit last week so I will have a nice suit to wear home and so luckily you do not have to buy one of those. I am loving Elder Free we get along really well and its just great. So yes life surely is crazy, I am seriously just enjoying what is left, keeping a smile and not really trying to think about home to much! So that is how things are going here, well yeah I love and miss you so much have a great week and I will see you next week!
Lots of love, Logan


Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

Hey Family!
Here things are going really well! I am so surprised at how fast things are passing by, I only have two more weeks if you can belive that, haha don't get to trunky Mom! I am trying really hard to keep focused but to tell the truth it does not really feel like I am really going home, its just not reality to me yet. I assume that it will not sink in until I get home. I am excited to see my new room, I have an idea of some things I want to do, I want to blow up some of the pictures of my mission and make them really big and put them in frames and put them on the wall, whether its scenic photos or other types I don't know its just an idea. Things are really busy here, it helps me keep my mind off of home. Oh, right now we have one baptism date her name is Christina and its for the 16th of August, I know that I am not going to be here for it but I don't really mind I am trying to leave some fruits here so that Elder Free will have something to work with when I am gone. I got your letter the other day thank you so much for that I love getting letters, I will continue to send letters if you do also, because I love letters too! Yes, it is going great here! I love it right now I have seen so many blessings the lord is just way to good to me! Well it is great to know that all is well and that you are happy! Well lots of love and have a great week!
Love, Logan

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

July 1st, 2009
Hi Family! Sure that sounds great about a dinner card for my last week in the mission. Well of course I would like Ruth Chris...haha would be really cool and then just me and Elder Free will go. If you wanted to just send a master card, and then I could use it that way also. That would be really cool, and then we could have a great last night in Puerto Rico that would be the coolest! So things are going really well the investagtors that we had we are basically dropping all of them because they are not progressing, but its all good that has happened to me so many times so that is nothing really new. Well we really would like to start working with the members and so we are going to start with the less actives and try and find some part member families that we could baptize so that is the goal, but yeah nonetheless things are going really well and I am just loving the last three weeks of my mission if that even seems real, which it does not. Things are well I love it, I am loving Santurce and not much more to really to say, I have not got the package yet, probably today, so I am super excited! Well I love and miss you a ton and next week it will only be two weeks so crazy! I love that it is July, Happy 4th of July and enjoy the break! Have a great one! Love always, Logan


awww what a great 100th post

Dear Brother & Sister Wells,
I was talking with Elder Wells today and I asked him if his parents knew how much weight he had lost? I joked around with him and told him that I had better send you a picture of him so that you could recognize him at the airport. We would not want you to walk right past him. He looks good. You will be so proud of him. I coerced him to let me take a picture of him so that I could send it to you. Hence, the picture. It has been such a pleasure to know your son and work with him. He is a wonderful missionary! You should be proud of him.
Sending you my best wishes,
Sister Archuletta
Mission Secretary


Wednesday, June 24th,2009

Sorry this email is so late in the day and so short. We had a service project this morning, and had to do all our P-Day stuff. Well thank you so much for everything! Well I love and appreciate you guys! Well my week is going really well we did not have the confirmations we decided to let them come a few weeks to really see there dedication to be a members of the church because there is no point of just having another number. Well yeah its cool though we have had a great week and well I love you and hope that you have a great week!
Lots of love! Logan

Wednesday, June 10th,2009


How are you doing? I am doing great. Oh, I actually read my patriartichal blessing this last Sunday during church it just really makes me feel a little down evertime I read it because there is so much in there that does not seem like me, but then again the Lord knows my capabilities and that I have no doubt. So yeah I am not leaving I will be dying (a term that means they are leaving from the area in which they are serving) here peacefully so that is great, I am loving it here! I don't think that you could guess who is my companion? They are shutting down one of the areas and are combining our areas so I will be staying here with Elder Free so that is really cool, my companion will be going to Dominica so he is pretty excited. I have not gotten the package yet but I should be getting it today because we are going to the mission office. We are staying in our apt so you can send stuff there. I am super excited to be here in Santurce and not have to worry about a crappy companion because I already know who my companion is and it is notgoing to be akward getting to know each other so that is cool. Well it is pretty insane that I am starting my last transfer and my next transfer I will be home so that is a bit strange but we shall see exactly what goes on. We have had a little bit of a strggle finding new people but with the combination of the areas there is plenty of work for us to do, so its pretty cool we shall see how things play out in the long run! I had a great birthday and so things are going just great only 6 more weeks and I will be there at home! I can't wait to spend more time with you and Dad! P.S. How is my car? I want a picture of proof that is being worked on. Thank you so much for everything I love and miss you guys so much have a great week! Always, logan


Letter, June 3rd, 2009

How are you? I hope things are going well. You asked if I had any birthday plans,well they celebrated mine to on Sunday in the ward because there were like three of us and then a member thru us a little party it was really cool to say the least I loved it. I love this ward a bunch, the members are really cool I am enjoying every minute that I have here, next week is transfers allready. I am enjoying my companion to the fullest probably my favorite for sure we get along great have so much fun together. Life is great serisously I love it so much, I can't believe that it is already June and next month I come home pretty cool for sure I am way excited. Things are great I am loving the work,I can't believe at how fast it passes by. I love and miss you guys a ton ! I hope you have a great week, remember that Tuesday is P-Day just so you know. Oh, here is a story for you, the other day we were walking and we were by the beach and there is a bridge and well the puerto ricans are always jumping off of it well, we walked by them and they hit Elder Francis on the head and then jumped into the water and then the others threw some beer at us it was funny, I really wanted to fight them but if there is anything you learn on your mission that is to turn the other cheek haha .Well yeah it happens not to often because people have respect for us, but the young ones are a bit lost.. To say the least! Have a great week!
Love, Logan